Owned by Trevor and Amanda Sandquist. 

I grew up in Alberta, I am an avid fisherman and hunter who loves the outdoors. I have fished many lakes in and around the area. I have extensive knowledge of the best fishing spots on the lake. I will try to have the cabins in the most productive areas of the lake! (So where they are situated may vary a bit from the start of the season to the end, my goal is to supply a superior service and the best bang for your buck.) I want you to catch fish. Face it!!!! Who wants to go out and catch nothing. I want you to be comfortable in a beautiful, clean cabin where you have all the amenities of home. (Well just about) I live close to the lake and will be out to check on you daily to ensure you are having a great time. I will usually be on the lake in the office shack. I will have some tackle, rods and bait there. If you go out venturing on your own and end up finding a good spot to fish we can move your ice hut to your desired spot (With in reason). I hope you enjoy your stay and make memories of a lifetime.